Tabloid Journalism crap

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Nov 302006

As if anybody really needs any evidence that shows like A Current Affair are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel for content, one only needs to look to this evening's program for that sort of confirmation. For instance, tonight they carried a story (for want of a better word) on how to hold a […]

Steve Flack

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Nov 272006

For today's show I invited Sydney guitarist (and friend) Steve Flack to join me. He came in and we spent pretty well the whole two hours chatting about music, his influences, how he started playing, and listening to some of the music that he enjoys. It was truly a fun session, and I think it's […]


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Nov 242006

Yesterday I attended the rememberance ceremony commemmorating the life of Lindy's mum, Joyce Batterham. It was a tough day for Lindy and her daughters, Zoe and Ruby, but they all handled it very well. Amongst those helping to remember Joyce were musicians Jeannie Lewis and Peter Winkler, and Jack Mundey. I think Jack said he […]


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Nov 212006

The new site is now live. I have biten the bullet, and migrated the DNS to point to the off-site servers. Of course, these things never go easily. The fires around Sydney today caused some power outages; I noticed four brownouts, which caused several of the systems here to reboot, and played havoc with the […]

Let’s hear it for the news!

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Nov 202006
Let's hear it for the news!

Welcome to Australia. Where everything stops for a sports story. At midday, I went to go to the news feed for the radio show, only to find that, instead of the news, they were taking the live feed from Ian Thorpe's press conference where he was announcing his retirement from swimming. Hmmm  … The state […]