GPS – 1

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Feb 222007

Over the last few weeks I've been playing with some new GPS hardware and software. The hardware is a Mio 350 Pocket PC, with a built in GPS reciever. It's currently on sale around the traps for a very cheap price, but with no mapping software. The hardware is a typical Windows PPC. The display […]

New Show

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Feb 172007
New Show

As of a week ago, I now have a second radio show – Sunday nights, at 9 pm, for just one hour. It's quite a good timeslot, albeit very short, and it also presents a few challenges in that, for instance, I need to be able to get from the Sunday end of month SBS […]

Just visiting

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Feb 012007

With the changes in my daily schedule associated with having a day job again, I need to call into the radio studio to pick up my Tuesday program running sheet and transcribe the promotional, community, and sponsorship announcements onto a minidisk so that I can include them in a prerecorded show that I prepare. While […]