Asus, we have a problem

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Jun 282007

My shiny new laptop doesn’t want to cooperate with me. I have a Navini modem that I use for unwired internet access when I’m away from home. On my old laptop – also an Asus – nop problems; it all just connects as one would expect it to. Unfortunately, the new laptop isn’t quite so […]


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Jun 262007

Yes, I have a cold. Getting over it now, but I needed to spend two days in bed, sneezing, dribbling, drinking tea, and generally recovering from this. And yes, it was an ugly cold, too. There I am, lying in bed, all rugged up with the doona, heater blowing hot air as well, and I’m […]

Windows Vist-aaaarrrggghhhhh

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Jun 052007

Oh joy! I have a new laptop, a nifty little Asus F3jp or somesuch. Intel Core Duo, 1GB, 80GB, 15.4 widescreen … We didn’t think to check the screen resolution before we bought this, but regardless, it feels like typical (good) Asus laptop quality. And it comes with a copy of Vista Home something …. […]