Jazzfest – Trombone Shorty

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May 012008
Jazzfest - Trombone Shorty

Friday was my first day at Jazzfest. Crowded. Very bloody crowded, and I hate crowds. People everybloodywhere. Thousands of them.   All of the venues within the fairground were very heavily patronised, but you note the crowds from well before you get to the fairgrounds: on Canal St, outside the Sheraton, is where you get […]

The Essentials

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May 012008

There are some things that I consider to be essential when visiting New Orleans. A visit to Cafe Du Monde is one. Several, actually, the place is that good. Check that as done. Another is Laura’s Candies. Their truffles are …. let’s just say they’ll be lucky to survive the weekend. Laura’s has moved however, […]

Bourbon St

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May 012008

The surprise of the evening: Bourbon St has changed, and mostly for the better. it’s still crass, noisy, etc … but there seems to be more live music, although it’s …. louder. I was truly surprised at how many bars were now playing live music, but also at how many of them were playing either […]