Windows Vist-aaaarrrggghhhhh

Oh joy!

I have a new laptop, a nifty little Asus F3jp or somesuch. Intel Core Duo, 1GB, 80GB, 15.4 widescreen …

We didn’t think to check the screen resolution before we bought this, but regardless, it feels like typical (good) Asus laptop quality.

And it comes with a copy of Vista Home something …. There’s where the joy ends. To call Vista a pile of shit is being very …. unkind to piles of shit.

Let’s see … I though that it was treating me as an idiot with all of the handholding that was going on …. “Windows needs your approval to load an application. Did you ask for this application to start? ” …. so I disabled one of their security tools.

Great, no more inane questions.

But then I needed to install a couple of printers that were on the LAN. Easy I thought.

But no, not such an easy task. Although I could browse to the printers across the LAN, installing them was another story altogether. The installer couldn’t find the printers. Yep, the system could, but not the installer.

It seems that because I had turned off the stupid user protection, the printers could not be installed. Yep, there’s a knowledgebase article about this. The user protection needs to be on to permit these printers to be installed.

So … this crappy protection has been turned back on so that these so that I could install a couple of printers. What a load of crap!

But wait, there’s more.

I needed to copy just one file, from here to there. Vista wanted no less tan FOUR confirmations from me that I indeed wanted to coy the damn file.


Talk about a waste of bloody time.

Tonight it gets to go bye bye, and I’ll install XP Pro.

And it’s S L O W.