What a great – and long – day it has bee…

What a great – and long – day it has been.

It started, in Sydney, on a Sunday in April, around 7:30am. We realised that we needed to finish packing, and head across to the airport and grab our flight to the US. The trans-Pacific flight is typically about 13 hours, but that wasn’t quite on our agenda. When I originally looked at the flight schedules, it said the flight to Boston was 31 hours.

My initial thought was oh shit. 31 hours?

Then I looked more closely: we actually had about a 12 hour layover in LAX, which meant that we could escape from LAX, grab some food that was half decent (Canter’s on Fairfax), do a spot of shopping, and then return to the airport with time to spare before grabbing our connecting flight.

One thing that we couldn’t do was grab a shower.

So, SYD-LAX-12 hour layover-one hour delay-LAX-BOS-3 hour drive to Great Barrington.