Vartiations on a Theme – St Louis Blues

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May 252007

It’s quite amazing how musicians can perform the one song is so many different ways. In the show for Sunday May 27, we’re going to be looking at one song, recorded by literally hundreds of musicians, and listening to how a variety of those musicians have interpreted that song. The challenge here is to find […]


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May 192007

Tonught’s show is going to be featuring musical brothers. With a bit of cheating. There’quite a few musical families out there, and we certainly enjoy the fruits of their labours. The Marsalis family in the US, for one, and of course the Montgomery Brothers: Wes, Buddy, and the rest of the clan. Even ex-President Bill […]

Fruity Jazz

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May 122007

Tonight we played music with references to fruit. Charlie Parker’s Scrapple From The Apple, for instance, and a version of Tangerine by Ray Brown with John Pizzarelli. We stretched the friendship just a tad with Art Pepper Red Pepper Blues, and of course couldn’t ignore Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit. All in all, a fun time […]

Bye Bye Empire

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May 082007

Tonight was the last night for the Empire in its current guise. Thje music room is being closed down for renovations; when it reopens, and with what sort of agenda, is anybody’s guess. The Wednesday jams move to the Bridge in Rozelle starting June 6, and I have a few Wednesday nights to myself. Let’s […]

Melbourne Done

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May 052007

Been there, done that. Had a great time, but spent way too much time doing photography stuff and nowhere near enough time on music stuff. Such is life. A couple of interesting observations from the trip: Melbourne taxi drivers are worse than Sydney’s! I managed to find one who didn’t even know where the Exhibition […]