Tonught’s show is going to be featuring musical brothers.

With a bit of cheating.

There’quite a few musical families out there, and we certainly enjoy the fruits of their labours. The Marsalis family in the US, for one, and of course the Montgomery Brothers: Wes, Buddy, and the rest of the clan. Even ex-President Bill Clinton plays sax, and his brother …. plays something as well, I believe. I’m not exactly sure that I care to find out. Troy (Trombone Shorty) Andrews from New Orleans and his brother, James, should not be overlooked either.

Here in Oz we have the Barnards: Len and Bob are the senior partners, and then there’s Adam and Tony, and we should not forget the Morrisons.

So tonight we’ll be looking at who plays what music from which family, and we’ll enjoy that.

I promise.