May 232013

For pretty much any organisation, the concept of customer service – and what comprises good customer service – is not an option; it’s compulsory. A few days ago I wandered into a store in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, with the specific goal of wanting to buy one product. On past visits to the store I’d experienced […]

Well Done, United Airlines. More Deception. No Transparency.

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May 122013

You have done well last week. On Friday, May 10 2013, you switched planes for your flight number UA1180, departing Boston at 5pm for San Francisco. Ordinarily, this would not be a notable item, but in this instance you put into play a plane that had no Economy Plus seating. Seating with extra leg room […]

Good to, er, sea. :)

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May 062013

We’re currently in Seattle in Washington state in the USofA, where we have spent a wonderful day catching up with some old friends at the Living Computers Museum, and then catching up on some great music at the EMP museum. But the absolute highlight of the day(!) must have been getting back to our hotel, […]

May 012013
United Screws Up - just to be clear

Yes folks, step right up. What does “priority” mean to you? Please review where I initially voiced my concerns about how lousy their treatment of us has been in this particular instance. Let me be perfectly clear: as long as everything runs smoothly, there are no issues. But as soon as one thing breaks, […]

May 012013

Pretty simple really. The flight is a full one, and so the gate attendants ask passengers if they would check their carry-on luggage at the gate, for delivery to the final destination, so as to make extra room in the plane’s cabin. Except that they failed to shift the luggage from the intermediate destination. Then […]