United Airlines screws up. Again

Pretty simple really.

The flight is a full one, and so the gate attendants ask passengers if they would check their carry-on luggage at the gate, for delivery to the final destination, so as to make extra room in the plane’s cabin.

Except that they failed to shift the luggage from the intermediate destination. Then argue with you about this at the final destination.

Where, six hours later, your luggage remains AWOL.

And the United so-called baggage resolution and customer service staff are argumentative, incompetent, unprofessional, fail to return phone promised calls, refuse to listen, talk over the top of you, and basically try their hardest to NOT achieve a satisfactory outcome.

One such staff member seems to feel it’s her duty to keep the customer – the very angry customer – on hold for over fifteen minutes. She is so wrong, and so wrong on so many counts.

And we won’t overlook the team leader who, after promising to call me, failed to do so.

That’s after a baggage supervisor at DFW, having promised to call me if the missing luggage was not on the flight arriving at around 18:45, failed to make that call.

It’s now 7 hours since we landed, and we still have no idea as to when our luggage will be delivered.

What a bunch of incompetent, unprofessional, childish people the so-called United Baggage resolution team seems to be.