Credit Where Credit’s Due

As you may have observed, I have been critical of some aspects of Australia’s health care system. In many ways it’s burdensome, overbearing, and illogical. It seems to exist to enable bureaucrats to perform their “magic”, rather than assist those in need of its services.

So I am really pleased to be able to report some good news for a change. Good news that exists despite those bureaucrats’ best efforts to hinder the delivery of quality healthcare to Australian citizens.

I’m referring to those good people at St Vincent’s Public Hospital in Sydney.

In the last month or so I have a need to attend St Vinnie’s on a couple of occasions, first for a bone marrow biopsy, and more recently for a lymph node biopsy.

In both instances, the standard of care, and the levels of professionalism were well above my expectations, and my expectations are pretty high to begin with.

These wonderful people attended to me with good humour and exceptionally high standards of caring and timeliness, and they need to be publicly recognised (even in such a trivial manner as per this blog and website) for their wonderful service.

I thank you.