Australia Post Fails Geography 101

Talk about a bunch of total losers. Australia Post has got be amongst the most incompetent (dis)organisations in the country.

Clearly, they were not satisfied with their previous mammoth set of fuck-ups, just one short week ago.

Today they attempted delivery of the replacement products – the originals of which are still unaccounted for, and about which Australia Post flatly refuses to do anything about.

So, fair enough; nobody was home when they called, and they left a card telling us that the goods are waiting for us at a post office. But not the post office that’s just down the road, on the corner of our street, just 300 meters away. That would be way too simple!

Oh, no; putting it there would be satisfying their customers’ needs, or making it easy for their customers.

Instead, this bunch of meatheads has sent it to a post office in a neighbouring suburb, over a kilometer away.

What sort of idiots are employed in Australia Post? Clearly, these are idiots of an extra special kind, as it really takes special talents to not provide any semblance of service at this level.

Where is Australia Post’s management team? AWOL, I suspect: there is less than no evidence that they are running the joint.