Is Postal Delivery Really That Difficult?

If your name is Australia Post, sadly, the answer to that question seems to be a very solid “yes”.

Please start by reading Get Your Head Out Of Your Arse, Australia Post and then Australia Post Fails Geography 101.

As stated in the second of these articles, yesterday we had them try to deliver the package, but because we were out, they needed to card the package and have it wait for us at a local Post Office.

Well, not quite so local: the local post office is just 300 meters down the road from where I live. Yep, a short walk, cross one road, and it’s right there, right on the corner of my street.

But no, that was not good enough for their delivery driver, who decided that a much better option for us would be to card it a different post office, over a kilometer away. Quite a long walk, including needing to negotiate some quite steep hills on the way back. Parking there is, of course, a challenge; this inappropriate (incorrect, as it turns out) post office is in a beachside area, and parking, by any Sydney beach, can be, at best, difficult.

But no, none of this figures at all into the pea-brain that this driver must have been given at birth; clearly he’s not a mental giant. Nor anything else, when it comes to brain power.

So this morning we wandered down to the Post Office, and, I’m pleased to say, finally collected the package – second time round – with no further dramas.

But I would be remiss to note exactly how helpful (ie, not at all) the Australia Post social media team have been through this total Australia Post fuck-up.

They were … slow to respond. Looking for excuses to run away from the problem. generally unhelpful, and with less than no concept of what the concept of “helping the customer” might be all about.

But the best part, the piece de resistance, as it were, of the whole debacle, came when I told them just how bad the choice of post office was. They were told about this about 4:30pm on Tuesday.

At about 9am this morning they responded, pretending to tell me that they understood my frustration. Piffle.

What a load of condescending bullshit. Empathy can’t be faked, and especially not by the talentless non-caring bullshit artists that are employed by (but don’t actually work for) Australia Post.

As noted above, we collected the package earlier this morning. To be honest, I really trust it in their hands any longer than absolutely necessary.

A little while ago, they sent me this tweet.


So, yes, they are finally admitting that they made an error. In fact, they’ve made a whole shitload, but they’ve finally admitted to one: let’s not get too greedy here.

But, what a stupendous offer: they will send it to the correct office, FREE OF FUCKING CHARGE.

Their generosity is absofuckinglutely amazing: Their error, but the underlying suggestion is that I may have had to pay for them to fix it up!

What a bloody nerve!

They have more hide than Jesse The Cow. Wanting to charge me (or at least offering to NOT charge me) to fix up their mistake?

As I’ve been saying, they have not got clue one about customer service.