Backflip with Pike: 7 Points

With a degree of difficulty of just 3, it was somewhat reassuring to see that the Shadow Minister for Sleazy policies has executed a perfect backflip with pike in terms of the attempted resurrection of the internet filter.

This whole concept has been roundly – and correctly – criticised as a waste of time and money; a policy that is simply too difficult to implement, but yesterday afternoon we were greeted (for a short time) with the sight of the LNP hammering their collective heads against the nearest brick walls, as they tried to defend this insanity.

Thankfully, they all very quickly complained that they were getting headaches, the policy statements had been misinterpreted, and that they would be taking a powder as a result.

What a bunch of absolute idiots.

But the really sad part is that their (unwritten) policy is to drag us forward, kicking and screaming, into the 1850s. The LNP simply does not want to have the Australian population well informed and well educated; they would much rather see us devolve into a country of taxi-drivers and waiters in restaurants.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with taxi driving or waiting in restaurants, but as a nation, we need ensure that we, and and our kids, have access to the very finest educational and research facilities.

So, for fucks sake, stop building massive edifices to all of the mainstream popular sports, and instead, let’s see those dollars invested in education and research facilities, and centers of excellence.

And yes, let’s have a proper, FTTH NBN, not the half-arsed accountants’ solution that the LNP is proposing.