Is Postal Delivery Really That Difficult?

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Sep 042013
Is Postal Delivery Really That Difficult?

If your name is Australia Post, sadly, the answer to that question seems to be a very solid “yes”. Please start by reading Get Your Head Out Of Your Arse, Australia Post and then Australia Post Fails Geography 101. As stated in the second of these articles, yesterday we had them try to deliver the […]

Australia Post Fails Geography 101

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Sep 032013

Talk about a bunch of total losers. Australia Post has got be amongst the most incompetent (dis)organisations in the country. Clearly, they were not satisfied with their previous mammoth set of fuck-ups, just one short week ago. Today they attempted delivery of the replacement products – the originals of which are still unaccounted for, and […]

Sep 022013

In a brilliant example of how not to win friends and influence people, Australia Post have lost a package being shipped to me. Amazingly, their tracking advice states that it was delivered within a couple of days of being shipped. The initial problem is that nobody knows where, or to whom, the package was delivered. […]

Jackson’s On George

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Jun 222013

So, Last night, before heading to the Sydney Opera House we decided to pop in to Jackson’s On George (George St, Sydney) for a pre-symphony bite to eat. That was not one of my better decisions, I’m afraid. Generally acceptable for a weekday lunch, Friday evening dinner (or early evening snacks, as it were)doesn’t seem […]

May 232013

For pretty much any organisation, the concept of customer service – and what comprises good customer service – is not an option; it’s compulsory. A few days ago I wandered into a store in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, with the specific goal of wanting to buy one product. On past visits to the store I’d experienced […]